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In The Moment: An Introduction To Malaysia’s Art Of Speed

At the time of penning this piece, I’ve spent less than 24 hours in Malaysia.

It’s been intensive, it’s been eye opening, but most of all it’s been a hell of a lot of fun.

Constant chatter, struggling bus engines, and even the occasional wail for attention from an exhaust-less 50cc scooter have never sounded quieter.


The almost zen-like silence provides a stark contrast to the show sounds, and energy and excitement of a full first day of Malaysia’s 2019 Art Of Speed festival. It also provided the perfect time to sit back and reflect on my first taste of this epic event.


If you’ve never been to Art Of Speed, you couldn’t possibly be able to imagine such an eclectic mix of wildly different elements all jam-packed harmoniously into one single event.

Cars, bikes, cloth...

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Finding Your Ride: Why You Should Buy a 2019 Chrysler 300

Are you in the market for a new car? Many consumers are choosing to go the SUV or crossover route. But why choose that route, when you can choose the 2019 Chrysler 300.

This large size sedan is full of style and luxury features. It is ranked by U.S. News and World Report as a finalist for the best large car for the money. 

If you prefer a car instead of following the masses with an SUV, the 2019 Chrysler 300 will not disappoint. The spacious size offers up quite the ride. 

Learn all about the Chrysler 300 and then come on in and check one out.  

Engine Power

2019 Chrysler 300 is one powerful vehicle. It comes standard with a standard 3.6-liter V-6 engine that makes 292 horsepower. This engine also offers up 260 pound-feet of torque...

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How to Get Started Powder Coating

Powder Coating might seem like something that is only for the professionals to use, however the at home DIYer can start powder coating for just a little investment. In this article we will be talking about how I was able to get all the essentials to start powder coating my own parts at home, and have professional results!

To start off, I’m already a grease monkey so I had a head start with having the foundation to start powder coating (an air compressor and tools)...

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Celebrating The Mundane At Festival Of The Unexceptional

Have you ever been to a car show intentionally packed with the some of most undesirable cars ever made?

I have, now.

See, Hagerty’s Festival of the Unexceptional is a concours event with a difference. It’s a celebration of the mundane, the everyday and the drab. These are the cars that used to fill our roads in the thousands upon thousands, but are now almost a non-existent sight.


Sounds terrible, right? I was sceptical too, but the clincher here is that the cars you’ll find at FoU are unequivocally more rare (and less desirable to the unwashed masses) than any supercar parked outside any other stately home at any other concours show.

That makes it pretty interesting, in my eyes.


The image above pretty much sums up how FoU differs from your average concours show...

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McLaren P1 XP05 experimental prototype up for sale, again

Two years was long enough for the current owner to apparently enjoy this ultra-rare McLaren P1 XP05 prototype. The car has, once again, surfaced for sale.

Road & Track first spotted the experimental prototype for sale again and reported it on Thursday. It’s listed via British retailer Tom Hartley JNR, and hopefully, the luxury car site finds this deserving piece of machinery a home for life. Truly, it’s a P1 for the McLaren collector enthusiast. We say that because this isn’t a regular production P1 at all. 

2013 McLaren P1 XP05 Experimental Prototype is for sale

2013 McLaren P1 XP05 Experimental Prototype is for sale

The XP05 is one of 14 experimental prototype cars McLaren built...

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Mystery Overheating May Be Due to Cooling Fan

Dear Car Talk:

After weeks of visits to two different mechanics, over $1,000 paid in repairs and three tows in two weeks, I am finally getting desperate enough to write to you guys!

I want to extend the life of my 2002 Buick Rendezvous. I inherited it after the engine had been replaced (in 2007).

We found we needed to add additional coolant about every six months, until a couple of months ago when the temperature gauge suddenly went red.

We added coolant and our mechanic replaced the thermostat and flushed the system. Days later, it happened again, and the car died on me, but miraculously worked fine once it got back to the shop. I was told it had a “bubble in the coolant line.”

Two weeks later, it overheated again, and a new mechanic replaced some parts for $700 — he said the tubes might ...

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Leap Of Faith: Buying An RX-7 Sight Unseen

First drives are important.

Whether it be the first drive prior to purchase, or the first drive after years atop jack stands, maiden voyages always have a profound impact on a project’s direction. What needs to change, what mustn’t be touched, and how far one’s wallet needs to open – the first drive ultimately dictates everything.

First drive stories vary greatly, but my personal favorites are the ones that start with a one-way plane ticket and a carry-on full of tools. The willingness to step on a ledge and hope for the best with no plan B is something I truly admire.

FDRX7 - Keiron Berndt - Speedhunters - Boston-2653

In 2013, Jared, a Boston native, booked a trip to Miami to buy an FD3S Mazda RX-7 that a friend had for sale...

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Blaupunkt offers classic car radio packed with modern tech

Classic car owners may love the experience of driving a vintage machine, but they may also miss some modern conveniences like Bluetooth connectivity when behind the wheel.

Enthusiasts should be delighted to learn that car audio company Blaupunkt is bringing back a fan-favorite solution, only this time, it’s gotten with the times. The company revealed the SQR 46, a modern reincarnation of a beloved aftermarket radio from the 1980s. Since it’s been more than 30 years since the original’s introduction, it comes with a lot of today’s technology baked into a retro package...

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Manual Shifting Provides More Power

Dear Car Talk:

I have a 2016 Hyundai Sonata. It has a “Sport Mode” that is supposed to give you more power. Sometimes, I’ll use the automatic shifter to shift up through the gears myself and get to higher rpm.

It seems like when I shift the gears myself, I get more power than I do in Sport Mode. Is it my imagination or does shifting myself give me more power? — Maureen

It’s not your imagination, Maureen. You’re probably getting a little more power by keeping the car in each gear longer. You’re certainly getting more noise, and that also contributes to the feeling that you’re going faster.

In most standard passenger cars (of which we’ll categorize the Hyundai Sonata), there’s a button called “Sport Mode” or something like that...

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How to Clean Pitted Rust

When working on any project; whether it be a car or just something that’s old and rusty, it’s inevitable that you will eventually run into some areas that have rust pits. When faced with these you can ignore it and have them pop there ugly heads back up in the future, or you can do something about it now and never have worry about having to deal with them again!

Some may think that it’s hard to clean out rust puts since they are basically small cracks in the metal that you cant fit your hand or any tool into. But this is where Eastwood comes into play! Eastwood offers a metal etch that will get into those tiny cracks and eat away at the rust in those pits. Cleaning your metal back to its former glory...

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